About Us

Meet the Thunders

the thunder family - dusty thunder candy thunder

(left to right - Brady, Kieran, Dusty, Ava, Navy, Kadin, Candy)

The Thunders are a blended family with five children (twenty-year difference between the oldest, Kadin, and youngest, Navy) who live in Southwest Missouri. Candy and Dusty Thunder own and run a marketing agency together, and when they aren't running between cheerleading and football practices and games, they create content for the Dusty Thunder experiment.

"Experiment?" Yup. Our social content experiment started in August of 2022, when Candy and Ava convinced Dusty to get in front of the camera and read AITA stories for the first time. Dusty agreed, thinking that this would be a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge that would benefit the clients of Storm. They never thought that this experiment would take on a life of its own and grow across multiple platforms and types of content, but here they are.

Now, everyone, both in the Thunder family and at the agency, is involved.