What is Mission: Protect the Cake?

Dusty has read too many stories where kids do not receive a birthday cake because of unfortunate circumstances. Mission: Protect the Cake is our effort to do something about it. We understand that we won’t be able to help every kid on Earth, but we think we can help a few.

We wanted to create kits that would include everything you need to make a birthday cake, even the pan. So we got to work testing recipes and finding out what we could use to replace ingredients so that nothing additional would need to be purchased and nothing would need to be refrigerated.

We found a recipe that works! The cake kits contain a cake mix, icing, birthday candles, 4 oz. container of applesauce (replaces oil), 1 can of carbonated water (replaces eggs), plus the pan. Each kit will cost around $8 to put together.

You can help by donating to the cause!

During LIVE Mission: Protect the Cake events, you can donate during the stream, and you can always make a donation using the button below.

Our plan is to distribute these kits to local children’s organization that help assist children and families in need in the Southwest Missouri area. We hope to have an impact in a larger geographic area in time.

We hope you’ll join us on Mission: Protect the Cake!

Buying swag helps too!