Piano Man

Dusty's first work of fiction
piano man by dusty thunder

About the Story

Dreams are curious things. They have the power to inspire, to manipulate... and to kill.

Set in 1910 Germany, Adolph is a piano builder who hasn't spoken since he was a boy. His dreams compel him to build a mystical piano that will help him speak again. His mother appears in his dreams to guide him, but there’s a cost on this journey.

Meanwhile, the piano is unlike any that Mr. Becker, Factory Manager at Steinberg Pianos, has ever seen. He believes that it will change the entire piano industry, and while it may be the key to everything that both Mr. Becker and Adolph want, it’s also an unwitting weapon of darkness.

Will Adolph find a way to derail the dark plans that have been set in motion?


“Love your story. I can visualize each action and emotion of the characters as the story is being read. I haven't been this excited about a story in a long while.” Jesse_503

“Your writing ️ is truly visceral and takes the reader deep into the story.”

“O..M..Goodness, this is an edge of your seat story.”

“This is pure captivating talent!! The detail without being monotonous, how the story makes u connect with the main character, and how and when the plot twists is perfection. This reads like a best seller!!”